How to fix MetaMask login issues in the browser extension?

MetaMask browser extension helps you to access the wallet on your Windows computer or Mac. People who want to use the MetaMask Wallet on their desktop or PC need to install the browser extension. This extension is available for almost all types of the browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. Normally, you can use the MetaMask Wallet on your computer with the help of the browser extension. But sometimes you might also suffer to access and use the MetaMask Login account on the browser extension. The factors that usually create the login issues in MetaMask browser extension are as wrong secret recovery phrase, browser history, and cache file issue, older version of the browser, internet connection issue, and so on.

Easy tips to fix the MetaMask Login issues in the browser extension

The quick tips that will help you to fix the issues that you are facing while accessing the MetaMask login account are as follows:

  • Whether you are using a Mac browser or a Windows computer browser, you need to check that the device is connected to the internet or not. If there is any internet issue then approach the path to fix it immediately.
  • The browser on your computer may not respond to your commands in case you have not updated it. However, you can fix this issue by installing the latest version of the browser. You can easily update the browser by navigating yourself to the “Settings”.
  • While running on your computer, browsers store the data, cache files, and browsing history. If you have not cleared these for a long while then you need to clear all these stored cache files and data from the browser.
  • MetaMask Chrome extension or Safari extension may not work properly due to authentication issues as well. To fix this, you need to remove the MetaMask extension from your browser and then re-add it to your browser.


To sum up, MetaMask browsers can be installed by visiting the official page. In case you are facing issues while using the browser extension then you need to approach the ways that can fix the issues. You can approach different ways to fix the login issues in MetaMask Wallet while using it on a browser. All you have to do is, follow the tips carefully as we have mentioned above in this post.


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